American History Semester 1

For Week Aug. 24 - Aug 27
Monday: NA
Tuesday: NA
Wednesday: Intro Myself, Class Expectations, Working from my Wiki, Assignments,
First Grade: Write a paragraph about who you feel is one of the most famous people in US History answering these questions:
Who: (Who is the person by name?)
What: (What did this person accomplish?)
When: (When did this person do their accomplishments)
Where: (Where did this person so his accomplishments)
Why: (Why did this person do what they did?)
Example: (Can't use this one!)

Thursday: Understand the Reason the Civil War happened:
Discuss Civil War -Ask driving question What were the main points of emphasis of the two sides??
Civil War PPT

Friday: Battle Casualties if Civil War:

Facts on Abe Lincoln:

Civil War Numbers:
US War Fatalities Web Page:
Significance of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Book PowerPoint 8.1 "Mining and Ranching"
Assign: Read 8.1 (quiz over reading right away on Monday)

For week Aug 29 - Sept 2
Monday: Bell Ringer Quiz 8.1 Quiz:
Exploring Question: What is a Vigilance Committee and why did they become part of Westward Expansion?? Do we see this today??
Mining and Ranching:

Tuesday: Book PPT 8.1
Mining and Ranching:

Manifest Destiny:

Assign: Retake 8.1 Quiz:
Video Questions:
Wednesday: "The West"
Assign: Read 8.2
Define "Transcontinental Railroad"
Thursday: "The West"
Read Ch 8.2 Farming
Friday: No School

For week Sept 5 - Sept 9
Monday: Labor Day: No School
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Yellow Fever:

"The West"
8.2 PPT: Farming in 1900s
"10 new tools in the farming industry in the late 1800's"

Assign: Read 8.2 and take Quiz:
Thursday: Farming and Ranching
Friday: Homecoming

For Sept 12 - Sept 16
Monday: 911 PPT and Promethean Presentation
Assign: NA
Tuesday: 8.2 PPT
Assign: Take 8.2 Quiz:
Wednesday: Finish Ch 8.3 PPT
Assign: 8.3 Quiz: ****
Thursday: Review Test: Jeo Review:

Study Test: Study Guide: 11 AH Ch 8 Rev.docx
Friday: Ch 8 Test:

For the week Sept 19 - Sept 23
Monday: Worksheet Ind Rev:

Assign: Read 9.1 Quiz beginning of class (no books):
Tuesday: National Debt Clocks:
GDP vs. GNP:

Wednesday: 9.1 PPT (continued):
Assign: 9.1 Quiz:
Thursday: Bell Ringer: Inventions:

9.2 PPT
Friday: Bell Ringer: Unexpected Wealth:
Top 10 Richest Ever Video:
Assign: Read 9.4

For the Sept 26 - Sept 30
Monday: 9.2 PPT "RR Review"
9.3 Big Business
Assign: 9.2 Quiz:
Tuesday: SADD
Assign: Read Chapter 9.3
Wednesday: Bell Ringer: 9.3 quiz: ****
Henry Ford PPT:

In Class Activity: Answer these question using the Henry Ford PowerPoint:
Henry Ford Quiz:
Look at Car Project: Car Project Ch 9.pptx
My Car Project:

Student Example: Look over the example:

Thursday: 9.4 Book PPT
Working on Car Presentation
Assign: 9.4 Quiz:http//
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For Oct 3 - Oct 7
Monday: 9.3 PPT
Car Project Ch 9.pptx
Finish Henry Ford Car Presentation
Tuesday: 9.4 PPT "Unions"
Finish Car Presentation (in class)
Wednesday: Bell Ringer Quiz: 9.4 Quiz:http//
Finish up Chapter 9.4 "Unions"

Thursday: Men Who Built America
Finish your Car Powerpoint
Friday: Car Projects Due
Current Events

For Oct 10 - 14
Monday: Review Ch 9 Test on Tuesday: 09 AH Ch 9 Jeo.ppt
Study Guide: 09 AH 9 Rev terms.docx
Tuesday: Ch 9 Test:
Wednesday: "The Men Who Built America!" Rockefeller
Thursday: Teddy Roosevelt PPT
Friday: Inservice

For Oct 17 - 21
Monday: 12.1 PPT
Panama PPT:

Panama WS:
Assign: 12.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Spanish - American War PPT:
Assign: Spanish American War WS:
Wednesday: McKinley Assassination

Assign: 12.1 Quiz:
Thursday: Progressive Presidents:
09 Progressive Pres New.pptx
Friday: Pep Rally
Use the PowerPoint to do Progressive Terms:
AH Progressive Steps PPT.pptx

For Oct 24 - Oct 28
Monday: Progressive Presidents:
09 Progressive Pres New.pptx
Assign: 13.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Study these activities for Ch 12 Test:
10 AH Ch 12 Review.docx
Assign: Take Ch 12 Test (Open Book):
Wednesday: Progressice Steps PPT: AH Progressive Steps PPT.pptx
Assign: 13.1 Quiz:
Take Ch 12 Test (Open Book):
Thursday: Door (2nd Place)

Assign: 13.1 Quiz:
Friday: No School

For Nov 31 - 4
Monday: Woodrow Wilson
Assign: 13.2 Quiz:
Tuesday: (I am gone) Progressive Era:
After taking the quiz using the Prezi link, you can talk politics with this group also if you want.
Assign: 13.2 Quiz:
Wednesday: (I am gone) Watch "Progressive Era DVD (Learning Series)"
Assign: 13.2 (as many times as you want, 80% or better can use book)
Thursday: (I am gone) Progressive Era Video Continued
Assign: Ch 13 quiz
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For Nov 7 -11
Monday: Progressive Era Prezi:
Progressive Amendments:
Tuesday: 2016 Presidential General Election
Vote Here:
Ch 13 Jeo PPT:

Assign: Study Guide: 10 AH Ch 13 Study Guide.docx
*Other study information for Ch 13:
Prog Pres Acc.docx
Wednesday: Define the word: Conscription 5pts.-Use Word, Put in folder
Thursday: Ch 13 Test
Watch Video "Epic History - World War 1 1914" (on desktop on my computer)
Assign: Define the word: Conscription 5pts.-Use Word, Put in your folder
Friday: Bell Ringer: Veterans Day

PPT Quiz (use PowerPoint from Weds.)
Movie Video "WW1"

For Nov 14 -18
Monday: Direct and Indirect reason for WW 1
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: 14.1 WS:
Using this PowerPoint:

Assign: 14.1 Quiz:
Wednesday: Isolationism and what is the Zimmerman Note?
Assign: 14.2 Quiz:
Thursday: Bell Ringer: Take this quiz (if haven't already) Can use the 1916 WW 1 Leaders PPT:
14.2 Quiz:
Friday: No School (Weather)

For Nov 21- 25
Monday: Watch clip on Sgt. York:
*World War One PPT Project:

Assign: 14.2 WS:
Tuesday: Thanksgiving PPT
Assign: *Finish World War One PPT Project:

Wednesday: Inservice
Thursday: Eat lots of Turkey and take a nap
Friday: Black Friday!

For Nov 28 - Dec 1
Monday: 14.3 End of War:

Assign: 14.3 Quiz:
Tuesday: Review for Ch 14 Test:

Assign: Review for Test: Study Guide: AH Ch 14 Rev WW1.doc
Study Info for test on this PPT:

Wednesday: Ch 14 Test:
Ohio Gang - Corruption in the White House:

Thursday: No class (late start)
Friday: Bell Ringer: Define racism vs. nativism
(word document save on Employees Drive in Amer History folder)
1920 in 5 minutes (Video)
Roaring 20's PPT:

Quick Demographics WS:
Assign: AH 16.1 Quiz (open book):

For Dec 5 - 9
Monday: Bell Ringer: 1920s Commercial (Compare and Contrast):

16.1 PPT "Presidential Politics"
Assign: Roaring 20's Power-Point Worksheet:
Tuesday: No School (weather)
Wednesday: No Class (late start)
Thursday: 16.2 PPT "20's Economy"
Assign: Read 16.3
Friday: Inservice

For Dec 11 - 15
Monday: Bell Ringer: Demographics Web site:
Quick Demographics WS (using web site above):
16.3 PPT "20's Policies and Prosperity"
Assign: 16.3 WS:
Tuesday: 16.3 PPT
Assign: Chapter 15/16 Test (Open Book)
Friday: Check Grades and Missing Assignments
Semester Test Review: Study Guide Sem 1 Test:


For Dec 18 - 22
Monday: Semester Test: AH Sem 1 Test
Must stay for the whole period
When all are done, Watch Video "Grapes of Wrath" (located in CD case to left of computer)
*Start from the beginning
Wednesday: Vacation
Thursday: Vacation
Friday: Vacation

Christmas Vacation

2nd Sem**