For Week Aug. 21 - Aug 25
Monday: NA
Tuesday: NA
Wednesday: Intro Myself, Class Expectations, Working from my Wiki, Assignments
Thursday: Bell Ringer: This Day in History
Your first Grade: Write a paragraph about who you feel is one of the most famous people in US History answering these questions:
Who: (Who is the person by name?)
What: (What did this person accomplish?)
When: (When did this person do their accomplishments)
Where: (Where did this person do their accomplishments)
Why: (Why did this person do what they did?)

Example: (Can't use this one!)

Assign: Two Grades today:
1. Email me just the name of the person you selected as you "Most Famous Person" (5 pts)
2. Save the paragraph you wrote about "Most Famous Person" in you World History folder on the Employees Drive (5 pts)
Friday: Battle Casualties if Civil War:
Understand the Reason the Civil War happened:
Discuss Civil War -Ask driving question What were the main points of emphasis of the two sides??
Civil War PPT

Significance of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe

For week Aug 28 - Sept 1
Monday: Facts on Abe Lincoln:

Civil War Numbers: US War Fatalities Web Page:
Effect the Civil War had on our Constituion: Promethean "Amendments 11-27"
Hand out books
Assign: Read Chapter 8 Section 1 (8.1)
Tuesday: Book PPT 8.1
Bell Ringer Quiz 8.1 Quiz:
Manifest Destiny:

Mining and Ranching:

Assign: Retake 8.1 Quiz:
Wednesday: Exploring Question: What is a Vigilance Committee and why did they become part of Westward Expansion?? Do we see this today??
Mining and Ranching:


Assign: Read 8.2
Thursday: No School
Friday: No School

For week Sept 4 - Sept 8
Monday: Labor Day: No School
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Yellow Fever:

8.2 PPT: Farming in 1900s
Assign: Quiz:
Wednesday: Bell Ringer:
"10 new tools in the farming industry in the late 1800's"

Assign: Read 8.2 and take Quiz:
Thursday: 8.3 PPT

Assign: 8.3 Quiz: ****
Friday: Homecoming

For Sept 11 - Sept 15
Monday: 911 PPT and Promethean Presentation
Tuesday: Review Test: Jeo Review:

Assign: Study Test: Study Guide: 11 AH Ch 8 Rev.docx
Wednesday: Ch 8 Test:
"The West"
Thursday: NA
Friday: NA

For the week Sept 18 - Sept 22
Monday: "The West"
Assign: Read 9.1 Quiz beginning of class (no books):
Tuesday: Quiz 9.1:
"The West"
Wednesday: "The West"
Assign: 9.1 Quiz:
Thursday: Finish "The West"
Assign: Video Questions:
Friday: Bell Ringer: Inventions:


For the Sept 25 - Sept 29
Monday: Industrial Rev Video:

Unexpected Wealth:
Assign: Worksheet Ind Rev:
Tuesday: Henry Ford PPT:

Assign: Henry Ford Quiz:
Wednesday: Bell Ringer: Marxism?

Proletariat vs. Burgious
GDP vs. GNP:

Assign: Read and do 9.2 Quiz
Thursday: Bell Ringer: Top 10 Richest Ever Video:
Look at Car Project: Car Project Ch 9.pptx
My Car Project:

Student Example: Look over the example:

Assign: Pick your car
Friday: Work on Car Project
Assign 9.3 quiz: ****

For Oct. 3-7
Monday: 9.2 PPT
Work on Present Car Projects: Car Project Ch 9.pptx
Assign: 9.2 Quiz:
Tuesday: 9.3 PPT RR
Work on Car Presentations
Assign: 9.3 Quiz: ****
Wednesday: 9.4 PPT Unions:

Assign: 9.4 Quiz: http//
Thursday: Men Who Built America:

Finish Car Presentations
Friday: Ch 9 Quizzes:
9.4: http//
Car Projects Due

For Oct 9 - 13
Monday: Time Zones/RR


Tuesday: Ch 9 Test:
Assign: Read 10.1

Wednesday: Gilded Age:

10.1 and 10.2 PPT
Friday: Inservice

For Oct 17 - 21
Monday: 12.1 PPT
Panama PPT:

Panama WS:
Assign: 12.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Bell Ringer Quiz (no books, no Google, no partners):
Spanish - American War PPT:

Assign: Spanish American War WS:
Wednesday: Spanish American War Video:
McKinley Assassination:

Teddy Roosevelt:

Assign: 12.1 Quiz:
Thursday: Bell Ringer Progressive WS:
Progressive Video
Friday: COMPLETE: Chapter 12 Assignments
1.)12.1 Quiz:
2.) Spanish American War WS:
3.) Panama WS:
4.) Bell Ringer (Imperialism, Nationalism, Militarism): ****

For Oct 24 - Oct 28
Monday: Progressive Presidents:
09 Progressive Pres New.pptx
AH Progressive Steps PPT.pptx
Assign: 13.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Assign: Bell Ringer 13.1 Quiz (can use books):
Watch the video on my desktop (middle right on desktop) "#26 Teddy Roosevelt"
Progressive Presidents:
09 Progressive Pres New.pptx
Wednesday: Progressive Steps PPT: AH Progressive Steps PPT.pptx
Assign: 13.1 Quiz:
Thursday: Door (2nd Place)
Assign: 13.1 Quiz:
Friday: No School

For Oct 30 - Nov 4
Monday: Bell Ringer: Presidential Presidents
Progressive Ideas:
AH Progressive Steps PPT.pptx
Upton Sinclair:

Tuesday: Progressive Era:
After taking the quiz using the Prezi link, you can talk politics with this group also if you want.
Assign: 13.2 Quiz:
Wednesday: 13.3 PPT
Assign: 13.2 (as many times as you want, 80% or better can use book)
Thursday: What is Pop Culture:

Progressive Era Pop Culture
Assign: Ch 13 quiz
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For Nov 6 -10
Monday: Ch 13 Jeo PPT:

Assign: Study Guide: 10 AH Ch 13 Study Guide.docx
(*Other study information for Ch 13)
Prog Pres Acc.docx
Tuesday: Ch 13 Test:
Day light saving time:

Veterans Day (Armistice Day):

Wednesday: Bell Ringer: Using "Word" define the term "Conscription" and put into your Amer History folder
Watch Video "Crash Course History - World War 1 1914"
Thursday: WW I (The Beginning)

Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For Nov 13 -17
Monday: Direct and Indirect reason for WW 1:

Tuesday: Bell Ringer: WW 1 Map "before and after"

Work on 14.1 Worksheet (using PowerPoint below):
Using this PowerPoint:

Assign: Work on WW I PPT:

Wednesday: Bloody Battle:

Assign: 14.2 Quiz:
Thursday: Watch clip on Sgt. York:
Take this quiz (if haven't already) Can use the 1916 WW 1 Leaders PPT:
Assign: 14.2 Quiz (if not done):
Assign: 14.3 Quiz:
Friday: Catch up
? Weekly News Quiz

For Nov 20- 24
Monday: Review Ch 14 Test:

Assign: Review for Test: Study Guide: AH Ch 14 Rev WW1.doc
Tuesday: Ch 14 Test:
Thanksgiving PPT:

Wednesday: Inservice
Thursday: Eat lots of Turkey and take a nap
Friday: Black Friday!

For Nov 27 - 31
Monday: 1920 in 5 minutes (Video)
Assign: None
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Define Racism and Nativism
(word document save on Employees Drive in Amer History folder
Demographics Site:
Quick Demographics WS:
Roaring 20s PPT:

Assign: 1920s PPT Quiz (use PowerPoint above):
Wednesday: 16.1 PPT "Presidential Politics"
Assign: Roaring 20's PPT Worksheet:
Thursday:16.2 PPT "20's Economy"
Assign: 16.2 Quiz:
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For Dec 4-8
Monday: Bell Ringer: 1920s Commercial (Compare and Contrast):
Assign: Read 16.3
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: 16.3 Quiz
Assign: 16.3 PPT "20s Policies and Prosperity"
Wednesday: Ch 15/16 Test (open book):
Thursday: Dirt 30s
Friday: Inservice

For Dec 11-15
Monday: Bell Ringer: Take Quizes (if not done):
1920s PPT Quiz:
Roaring 20s PPT Worksheet:
16.3 Quiz:
Discuss the great depression: 1930 AH Great Depression (The Beginning):

Assign: Complete Quizzes from the Bell Ringer activitiy
Tuesday: Bell Ringer - 30s Terms:
"Grapes of Wrath" (start from the beginning)
Wednesday: Continue: Grapes of Wrath
Thursday: Check Grades and Missing Assignments
Answer these question using the site above:
Friday: Semester Test Review: Study Guide Sem 1 Test:


For Dec 17 - 21
Monday: Look over Study Guide
Assign: Sem Test Study Guide:

Semester Test: AH Sem 1 Test
Wednesday: Vacation
Thursday: Vacation
Friday: Vacation

Christmas Vacation

2nd Sem**