American History Assignment Page


For week of Aug 24 - Aug 28
Monday: Mr. Hartley, Intro myself, class rules, expectations, requirements, goals
Asssign: None
Tuesday: Discuss Civil War
Assign: Read CH 8.1. Quiz Tues (over reading)
Wednesday: 8.1 Quiz: Discuss 8.1
Assign: Read 8.2:
Thursday: Start "The West" Video
Assign: West WS

For week of Aug 31 - Sept 4
Monday: Finish West Video (26:25)
Asssign: West Video Quiz
Tuesday: "The West"
Assign: Turn in West ws
Wednesday: School Called
Thursday: Cont "The West" (:62)
Assign: Read 1.2

For week of Sept 5 - Sept 9
Monday:No School
Tuesday: 8.2 Discussion (The West" Finish 1:19)
Assign:Read 8.2 Quiz Wed
Wednesday: 8.2 Quiz: **** PPT
Thursday: 8.3 Discussion and PPT
Assign: Read 8.3 Quiz Wed.
Friday: 8.3 Quiz.
Assign: 8.3 PPT

For Week Sept 12 - Sept 16
Monday: 911 PPT and Discussion
Assign: 8.3 Questions 1,2 and 3 (Pg. 302) in Word and put in folder
Tuesday: Review for Ch 8 test
Assign: Ch 8 review and Study Guide

Wednesday: Ch 8 Test ****
Assign: Read 9.1
Thursday: 9.1 WS ****
Current Events??
Assign: Take Quiz (can use book)

For the Week Sept. 19-Sept. 22
Monday: Notes over 9.1 PPT
Assign: 9.1 WS

Tuesday: Industrial Rev Video
Assign: Worksheet Ind Rev

Wednesday: Finish Video 11:20: 9.2 Discussion
Assign: Read 9.2; Quiz
Thursday 9.2 Quiz ****
Assign: Henry Ford PPT
Friday: No School; Teacher Inservice

For the week 6
Monday: Car projects

Assign: online ws
Tuesday: Discussion continued over 9.2 (Ind Rev)
Assign: On line WS
Worksheet over 9.3 (Big Business)

Wednesday: 9.3 Powerpoint
Assign: Study for Quiz 9.3 Thursday
Thursday: 9.3 quiz: ****
Assign: Read 9.4

Week of 7
Monday: Career Days
Tuesday: Powerpoint over Unions (9.4)

Assign: Ch 9 Review
Wednesday: Review for Ch 9 Test
Assign: Study Guide

Thursday: Take Ch 9 Test ****
Assign: After Test:
1. Make sure your car project is in your Amer Hist folder. (25 pts.)
2. Make sure your Crossword is in your Amer Hist folder. (20 pts.)
Friday: No School

For the Oct 11-Oct 14
Monday: Bell Ringer: Define Manifest Destiny and Gilded Age (put in folder);
WS over Ch 12.1 "Imperialism"
Assign: Study for Quiz Tues.
Tuesday: Quiz 12.1 ****
Assign: Read 12.2
Wednesday: Spanish American War PPT
Assign: Pg 413 (1-5)
Thursday: Spanish Amer War cont.
Friday: Homecoming

For the Oct 17-Oct 20
Monday: 12.2 Discussion: Panama Canal PPT-Read

Assign: Read 12.2
Tuesday: Discussion 12.2 PPT
Assign: Read 12.3
Wednesday: 12.3 Discussion
Assign: Panama
Thursday: 12.3 Quiz
Assign: Read 12.3

For the Oct 24-Oct 27
Monday: Review for test on Tuesday;
Study these activities for Ch 12 Test:
Study Guide:
Assign: Study for Ch 12 Test
Tuesday: Take Ch 12 Test ****
Assign: Read 13.1
Wednesday: What is Progressivism?
Thursday: 13.1 Quiz ****
Progressive Discussion
Assign: Read 13.2

For the Oct 31- Nov 3
Monday: 13.2 PPT Work on Worsheet
Assign: Read 13.2
Tuesday: Use the PowerPoint to do 13.1 Terms
Assign: 13.1 Terms
Wednesday: 13.1 Quiz:
Use Prezi:
Assign: Read 13.2
Thursday: Progressive Discussion

For the Nov 7 - Nov 10
Monday: Mrs. Knuppe (first 15 mins.) Roosevelt years
Assign: Read 13.2
Tuesday: 13.2 Quiz;
Prog. Pres PPT
Assign: Read 13.2 Quiz
Wednesday: Prog. Video and Roosevelt Progression
Assign: 13.2 Retake (as many times as you want, 80% or better)
Thursday: Prog. Video and Roosevelt Progression (cont)

For the week Nov 14 - Nov 17
Monday: Finish Video
Assign: Read 13.4 (quiz)
Tuesday: Ch 13 quiz
Wednesday: Review Study Guide *Know for test
Online Quiz email it to ;
Assign: Study for test: Use study Guide
Thursday: Take Ch 13 Test AH Ch 13 Test

For the Nov 21- Nov24
Monday: Bell Riger (Define the word: Conscription 5pts.-Use Word, Put in folder)
Discussion WW1
PPT WS (do in class)
Assign: Read14.1 Quiz
Tuesday: 14.1 Quiz
Assign: 14.1 WS
WednesdayHistory of Thanksgiving
Assign: None
Thursday: No School
Assign: Eat lots of Turkey then take a nap!!

For the Nov 29 - Dec 1
Monday: WW1 Zimmerman Note (WW1 PPT)
Assign: 14.1 PPT WS using PPT
Tuesday: War at Home (wheatless, heatless and meatless)
Video WW1 "Bloody Conflict"
Assign: Finish 14.1 WS PPT
Wednesday: Book PPT WS ****
Assign: Read 14.2 Quiz Thursday
Thursday:14.2 Quiz:

For the Dec 5 - Dec 8
Monday: 14.3 PPT
Tuesday: 14.3 Terms: Wars Impact;
Map changes
AH 14.3 WS (use PPT)
Assign: Read 14.4
Wednesday: Remembering Pearl Harbor
Thursday: 14.4 Discussion
Assign: 14.4WS

For the week 17
Review for Ch 14 Test; Promethian WW1 Quiz (Expressions)
Study for test
Study Guide:
AH 14 Test
Wednesday: Roaring 20's
Thursday:15.1 Key Terms Discuss a change in attitude!

For the Dec 19 to Dec 22
Monday: Bell Ringer: Define racism and nativism, Roaring 20's PPT and AH 15.1 WS ****
Assign: Terms/Quiz
Tuesday: 15.2 Terms
Assign: Read 15.2
Wednesday: Define Terms pg 492;15.2 Book PPT
Assign: Read 15.2; Quiz
Thursday: PA Day

For the week 19
Monday: Roaring 20's Power-Point
Assign: Read 15.2 Quiz Tues.
Tuesday: 15.2 Quiz:
Assign: "Roaring 20's" Video
Wednesday: Pic Quiz
Thursday: Warren G Harding and Ohio Gang Discussion
Study Guide Sem 1 Test:

For the week 22
Monday: Semester Tests
AH Sem 1 Test
Tuesday: Assignment catch-up
Assign: Read 17.1
Wednesday: 1930's Intro
Assign: 17.1 Quiz Fri.
Thursday: 17.1 PPT
Assign: 17.1 Quiz

For the week 23
Monday: 17.2 Quiz PPT
Assign: Read 17.2
Tuesday: 17.2 Quiz: ****
"Cont. "Grapes of Wrath"
Wednesday: Finish "Grapes of Wrath"
Define: "Key Terms and Names" on page 535 (put in you History folder)
Assign: Read 17.3
Thursday: Do questions 1-5 on page 539 and 546

For Jan 23-26
Monday: Finish "Grapes of Wrath" and discussion
Assign: Read 17.3
Tuesday: 30's Review
Assign: Study for 17 Test
Wednesday: Ch 17 Test (1930's)
Assign: Read 18.1
Thursday: Discussion Imperialism, Militarism and Nationalism....Democracy vs. Socialism/Dictatorship


For the Jan 30-Feb 2
Monday:Types of Government Promethian
Assign: 19.1 Terms: Page 584 (Key Terms and Names)
Tuesday: Hitler PPT and Holocaust
Axis Powers and Allied Powers
Wednesday: 19.1 Book Quiz Hitler PPT continued
Discuss: Beginning of War
Assign: Read 19.2....Quiz Thurs.
Thursday: Battles PPT US enters
Assign: 19.2 Quiz:

For the week 28
Monday: 19.4 Quiz, German War Machine Video

Tuesday: "Tora, Tora, Tora" Video
Assign: Read 19.4
Wednesday: "Tora, Tora, Tora" Video
Assign: Discussion Video
Thursday: Work on Assignments, "Tora, Tora, Tora Video

For the week 30
Monday: Discussion Ch 20 Section 1 (War at Home)
Assign: 20.1 Quiz
Read 20.2
Tuesday:20.2 PPT
Assign: Battles WS (crossword)
Wednesday: 20.2 Quiz
Thursday: Manhatten Project (A Bombs) A Bombs
Assign: Paper on Monday

For the week 31
Monday: Registration
Tuesday: Discuss V-E and V-J Days
Write a short Essay on your opinion of the dropping of the Atomic Bombs on Japan (100 words or more)
Paper due for Tuesday. Do you feel dropping the bombs was justifiable or not and why (support your justification)
Assign: Read 20.3 (Quiz Weds)
Wednesday: Bio Trip
Assign: Catch-up
Thursday: Define 20.4 Terms

For the week 32
Monday: 20.4 PPT (Trials, UN, Russia, US)
Tuesday: Video clips (1936 Olympics, D-Day, A Bomb)
Watch Videos and do this worksheet
Assign: Read 20.4
Wednesday: No School
Assign: No School

For the week 33
Monday: In Class Rev
Assign: Test on Tues: Use Study Guide
Tuesday: Ch 20 Test (it is NOT open note or open book)
Ch 20 Test
Assign: Read 21.1

For the week 34
Monday: Using this PowerPoint
do the Cold War worksheet below

Assign: Read 21.2 (Quiz on Tuesday)
Tuesday: 21.2 Quiz ****
Assign: Do Question 1-5 on Ch 21.2
Wednesday: 21.2 PPT and Discussion
Assign: 21.3 Terms
Thursday: Vietnam
Friday: Vietnam Documentary

For the week 35
Monday: French Indochina, Limited War Discussion
Tuesday: Errol Johnson Vietnam speaker
Wednesday: Dakota Step
Assign: Dakota Step
Thursday: Discussion Errol Johnson

For the week 36
Monday: Discuss Timeline Project

Assign: Work Timeline Proj.
Tuesday: Breif discussion on Cold War
Wednesday: Dakota Step
Thursday: Weekly News Quiz

For the week 37
Monday: Timeline
Assign: Work on Project
Tuesday: Notes and Timeline
Assign:Work on Project
Wednesday: MacCarthyism
Assign: Timeline
Thursday: Watch video "Dr. Strangelove"
Assign: Read movie description

For the week 38
Monday: Continue "Dr. Strangelove"
Tuesday: Cold War vs. Bin Laden discussion
Wednesday: Use of timeline
Thursday: AH Cold War Leaders
Assign: WS

For the week 39
Monday: Timeline update
Assign: Fix timelines and present
Tuesday: Show Photostory example
Get int groups: Photstory Project (Select pictures)
Assign: Select pictures and write a brief description
Wednesday: Assign timeline story (in your group)
Assign: Work on Cold War story
Thursday: Work on Cold War story
Assign: Work on story

For the week 40
Monday: Work on projects
Assign: Projects
Tuesday: "Fire" Final day for project
Assign: Finish Projects (must be done)
Wednesday: Turn in books (except Sem Test takekers)
Grade Ruberic
Assign: Sem Test Study Guide
Thursday: Semester 2 Test ****