(Not For Sale)
1955 Topps Harmon Killebrew RC SGC 70 (5.5)
Killer small (600x376).jpg
1954 Topps Aaron RC PSA 5
Aaron RC.jpg
1957 Topps Hank Aaron PSA 8 OC
57 Aaron PSA 8 OC.jpg
1967 Topps Hank Aaron PSA 5
67 Aaron.jpg
1955 Bowman Hank Aaron SGC 60
55 Bowman Aaron.jpg
1956 Topps Hank Aaron SGC 50 VG/EX 4
56 Aaron.jpg
1960 Topps Hank Aaron PSA 4
60 Aaron PSA 4.JPG

1956 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 3
56 Mantle.jpg
1953 Bowman Color Mickey Mantle PSA 4.5
Mantle 53 Bowman #59 SGC 55 (4.5).jpg
1953 Topps Mickey Mantle SGC 40
53 Mantle.jpg
1958 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 4
58 Mantle PSA 4.jpg
1961 Topps All Star Mickey Mantle GMA 4 VG/EX
61 Mantle AS.jpg
1968 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 5
68 Mantle PSA 5.jpg
1968 Topps Mickey Mantle (White Letter Variation) PSA 7 O/C
69 Mantle PSA 7 oc.jpg
1969 Topps Mickey Mantle (Yellow Letter) PSA 6 MC (NFT)
69 Mantle.jpg
1954 Topps Ernie Banks RC PSA 3 MK
1954 Topps Banks PSA 3 (mk).jpg
1953 Topps Willie Mays PSA 2.5
53 Mays PSA 2.5.jpg
1957 Topps Willie Mays PSA 4
57 Mays PSA 4.JPG
1958 Topps Mays PSA 3 (nice card for a VG)
58 Mays PSA 3.jpg
1950 Bowman Jackie Robinson BVG 3
50 Robby.jpg
1954 Topps Jackie Robinson PSA 4
54 Robby.JPG
1950 Bowman Warren Spahn PSA 2.5
50 Spahn.jpg
1952 Topps Minnie Minoso RC PSA

1958 Topps Sandy Koufax SGC 60 EX 5
58 Koufax SGC 60.jpg
1959 Topps Roger Maris PSA 3 (2nd Year)
59 maris.jpg

1953 Bowman Color Pee Wee Reese PSA 4.5
53 Reese PSA 4.5.jpg
1960 Topps Roger Maris PSA 6 MC
60 Maris PSA 6 MC.jpg
1960 Topps Al Kaline PSA 4
60 Kaline PSA 4.jpg
1967 Topps Rod Carew RC PSA 5
1968 Topps Action Harmon Killebrew PSA
Killer 68 Sticker.jpg

1938 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio RC PSA "Authentic"
Joe D RC.jpg

Joe D RC Back (2).jpg
1887 Allen and Ginter N28 Captain Jack Glasscock (SGC 20)
Capt Jack Ginter.jpg
Capt Jack Back.jpg
1887 Allen and Ginter N28Timothy Keefe (SGC 10)
Keefe Back.jpg
1916 Sporting News M101-4 Walter Pipps PSA 4 VG/EX
1916 M101-4 Sporting News Pipp (1) [Front].jpg
1916 M101-4 Sporting News Pipp (1) [Back].jpg

1931 W517 Rogers Hornsby PSA 3.5
31 Hornsby.jpgOtt Back (2).jpg
Sets I am currently working on:
1969 Nabisco Team Flakes - Narrow Border (Graded)
1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Hank Aaron PSA Authentic
1969 Aaron Nabisco PSA.jpg
1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Willie Mays BVG Authentic
$_57 (7).JPG
1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Roberto Clemente PSA 3
Clemente Nabisco PSA 3.jpg
1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Pete Rose PSA Authentic
Rose Nabisco.jpg
1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Frank Robinson PSA Authentic
Robby TF.jpg
1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Al Kaline PSA Authentic
Kaline Nabisco.jpg
1969 Nabisco Team FlakesTom Seaver PSA 8

1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Lou Brock SGC Authentic
Brock Nabisco.jpg
1956 Topps 1 Cent Wrapper (for my complete 1956 Topps set)
56 Wrapper.jpg
Vintage Football
1966 Topps Joe Namath PSA 4
66 Namath.jpg
1954 Bowman George Bland RC (PSA 4)
Blanda RC.jpg
1969 Topps Johnny Unitas PSA 5.5
69 Unitas.jpg
1955 Bowman Frank Gifford PSA 6 OC
Gifford 55.jpg
Vintage and Modern Basketball
(For Sale or Trade)
1969-1970 Topps Wilt Chamberlain BVG 4.5 (2nd year)
69 Wilt.jpg
1971-72 Topps Rick Barry RC
Barry RC 70-71.jpg

2015 Seth Curry Panini
Curry RC.jpg
1995 Finest Kevin Garnett RC BGS 8.5
Modern HOF and Star Baseball Autos (NFT)
1994 Upper Deck Mickey Mantle Auto BGS 9/10 (On Card)
Mantle Au.jpg

2004 Topps E-Topps Willie Mays Auto (100 print run)
May E Topps.jpg
2016 Topps Archives Hank Aaron Auto #1/1 (Super Nice)
Aaron Archives Ebay.jpg
2015 Museum Hank Aaron Framed Silver Auto #10/15
Aaron Framed.jpg

2016 Topps High Tek Hank Aaron Orange Magma Diffractor Auto #22/25 BGS 9.5
Aaron Tek Auto.jpg
2008 Prime Cut Joe DiMaggio Cut-Signature #/250
DiMaggio cut.jpg
2008 Topps Triple Threads Triple Game-Used Auto Frank Robinson, Carl Yaztrezemski, Harmon Killebrew (NFT)
Killer Yaz Roby Auto.jpg

2014 Leaf Sports Icons Harmon Killebrew Auto BGS
Killer Auto.jpg
2016 Starta Nolan Ryan Shadowbox Auto #/75
Ryan Strata.jpg
2008 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Buyback Auto Blue Pen #13/49
Griffey Buy Auto.jpg
2015 Finest Greats Frank Thomas Gold Refractor Auto BGS 9/9
Frank Auto.jpg

1994 Score Cal Ripken Burger King Auto
Cal Auto.jpg
2004 EX Puckett Sign of the Times Bat Auto 9/10 (on card)

2011 Leaf Icons Brooks Robinson Cut Signature
Robby Auto.jpg
2011 Topps Triple threads Triple Jersey Auto Bert Blyleven #15/18


2003 Sweet Spot Classic Orlando Cepeda Auto

Cepeda Sweet Spot Auto.jpg

2004 Diamond Kings Torii Hunter Spiderman Auto #21/25
Hunter DK.jpg
2011 Topps Lineage Wayne Terwilliger Canary Auto #1/10
Terwilliger Canary.jpg
2004 Topps Retired Jack McDowell Auto Uncirculated
(Scratches on Case)
McDowell Archives.jpg

2003 Topps Retired Boog Powell Auto Uncirculated

(Scratches on Case)
Boog Archives.jpg
2011 Leaf Baseball Andy Carey Cut Signature BGS
Carey Auto.jpg
2017 Archives Mike Trout Bazooka Auto
Trout Bazooka.jpg
2016 High Tek Mike Trout Highlights Auto #11/25
Trout Au.jpg

2015 Topps Tek Trevor Story RC Auto
Story Tek Auto.jpg

2016 Topps Tek Max Kepler RC Auto
Kepler Tek Auto.jpg

Modern Football PC (NFT)
2015 Topps Chrome Peyton Manning Mini Auto #5/5
Manning Mini Auto.jpg
2007 Contender RC Adrian Peterson BGS 9/9
AP Contenders.jpg
2013 Topps Chrome Peterson 1,000 Yard Club Refractor BGS #8/25
AP Yard.jpg
2010 Crown Royale Auto Peyton Manning #7/25
Manning Crown Auto.jpg
1998 Gold Label Peyton Manning Class 2 RC PSA 9
Peyton Gold Label RC.jpg

2016 Optic Carson Wentz RC Bronze Auto SSP
Bronze Wentz.jpg

2015 Prizm Chris Carter White Sparkle SSP BGS 9.5
CC White Sparkle.jpg
2015 Prizm Fran Tarkenton White Sparkle SSP
Tarkenton White Sparkle.jpg

2010 Absolute Sam Bradford Rookie Preview Material Auto # 10/299 BGS 9
Bradford Absolute RC Auto.jpg
2000 UD Pros and Prospects Randy Moss Jersey Auto Gold #42/84 BGS 8.5/10
Moss Jersey Auto.jpg
2000 Collectors Edge T3 Randy Moss Leatherback (1 of 12) Front
Moss front.JPG
2000 Collectors Edge T3 Randy Moss Leatherback (1 of 12) Back
(entire back is an Official NFL FB from NFL Draft Day)
Moss Back.JPG
2014 Topps Chrome Teddy Bridgewater Camo Auto #90/99
Teddy Camo.jpg
2014 Museum Collection Teddy Bridgewater Gold Framed Auto #3/10
Teddy Museum.jpg
2014 Museum Teddy Bridgewater Silver Framed Auto #16/25
Teddy Silver.jpg
2014 Contenders Teddy Bridgewater RC Ticket Auto
Bridgewater Contenders.jpg
2014 Prizm Red White Blue Prizm Auto Teddy Bridgewater #37/100
2014 Valor Teddy Bridgewater Auto #/50
Teddy Valor.JPG
2014 Black Gold Teddy Bridgewater RC Auto #4/10 (PSA9)
Teddy Black Gold.jpg
2014 Topps Chrome 1985 RC Auto Teddy Bridgewater #6/15
Bridgewater 85 Auto.jpg

2015 Contenders Anthony Barr RC Ticket Cracked Ice Auto #10/22
Barr Ice.jpg
2014 Contenders Anthony Barr Championship Ticket Auto #92/99
Barr Champ Ticket.jpg
2013 Topps Chrome Cordarrelle Patterson RC Die Cut Superfractor #1/1 PSA 10 (GEM MINT) - Can't get any better than this 1/1 and perfect 10
C Patt Super.jpg
2013 Topps Chrome Cordarrelle Patterson RC Die Cut Red Refractor #8/25
C Patt Red.jpg
2013 Topps Chrome 1986 RC Refractor Cordarrelle Patterson #12/15
86 C Patt Auto.jpg
2013 Topps Chrome Camo Refractor RC Auto Cordarrelle Patterson #49/99
C Patt Camo Best.jpg
2013 Contenders RC Cordarrelle Patterson Auto
C Patt Contender.jpg
2014 Topps Chrome Base RC Jerick McKinnon Auto
mckinnon auto.jpg
2014 Prizm Camo RC Auto Jerick McKinnon #/150
McKinnon Camo Auto.jpg
2015 Contenders Stefon Diggs Silver Auto #48/99
Digg Contenders #99.jpg
2016 Spectre Jay Cutler Auto #12/15
Cutler Auto.jpg
2012 Topps Chrome Riley Reiff RC Red Refractor # 17/25
Reiff Red.jpg
2014 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Superfractor #1/1 PSA 10
2014 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Red Refractor #7/25 PSA 10
Barr Gold Red.jpg

2014 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Gold Refractor #/50
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Sepia Refractor #/99
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Sepia Refractor #/199
Barr Gold Sepia Blue (2).jpg
2014 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Black Refractor #/299
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Pink Refractor #/399
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Camo Refractor #/499
Barr Black Pink Camo (2).jpg
2014 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Pulsar Refractor
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Blue Wave Refractor
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Purple Refractor
Barr Pulsar Wave Purple (2).jpg
2014 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Green Refractor
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Orange Refractor
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Xfractor
Barr Green Orange Xfractor (2).jpg
2014 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Refractor
2015 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Base PSA 10
Barr Refractor Base (2).jpg

Other Rarer Baseball
2016 Heritage Mike Trout SP

trout benny (5).jpg
2017 Heritage Mike Trout Purple Refractor
Trout Heritage Purple.jpg

2017 Heritage Andrew Benintendi RC Game piece
Benintendi Game.jpg
1997 Showcase Frank Thomas Hot Gloves


2015 National Treasures Harmon Killebrew Auto/Jumbo Jersey Booklet #/25

Killer NT Auto.jpg

1997 Donruss Elite Kirby Puckett Passing the Torch Auto BGS 9/9

Puckett PPT.jpg
2002 Bowman Chrome Joe Mauer RC Refractor Auto BGS 9/10
Mauer RC.jpg

2012 Finest Brian Dozier RC Orange Refractor Auto BGS 9.5/10

Dozier Finest.jpg

2002 Bowman's Best Joe Mauer RC Auto

Mauer BB.jpg

2009 Bowman Chrome Brian Dozier Auto PSA 6/10
Dozier RC Auto.jpg

2017 Heritage Miguel Sano Real One Auto

Sano Heritage.jpg

2015 Bowman's Best Hi Def Auto #18/50 BGS 8.5/10

Sano BB Auto.jpg

Miguel Sano National Treasures Signatures 32/99
Sano NT Au.jpg

2012 Bowman Platinum Jorge Polanco RC Auto


2010 Topps Jason Castro RC Peek Performance Auto


2012 Topps Archives Stand-Up Joe Mauer Printing Plates
Black, Yellow, Cyan and Megenta (NFT)
Mauer Plates.jpg
2014 Topps Joe Mauer SP Snoopy Variation
Mauer SP.jpg
1994 SP Kirby Puckett Red Holo Die Cut SP
Pucket Red 2.jpg
2015 Prizm Kirby Puckett Black Checkers Prizm #90/149
Puckett Black.jpg

Modern Football FOR SALE or Trade

2014 Topps Chrome Anthony Barr RC Red Refractor #16/25

Barr Red.jpg
2015 Topps Chrome Ben Koyak RC Auto
Koyak Auto.jpg
2015 Topps Chrome Austin Hill RC Auto
Hill Auto.jpg
2014 Contenders Chris Boreland RC Ticket Auto
2012 Prizm Green Vontaze Burfict Green Prizm RC
Burfict Green.jpg
Michael Bennett SPX RC Auto (Gold and Silver)
Bennett Autos.jpg

2013 Topps Chrome Ian Kinsler Sepia Refractor #17/75
Kinsler Sepia.jpg
2012 Bowman Platinum Gold Refractor Will Middlebrooks #41/50
Middlebrooks Gold.jpg
2011 Bowman Sterling RC Ben Revere Auto
Revere RC.jpg
2012 Topps Chrome RC Auto Eric Surkamp
Surcamp RC.jpg

2010 Bowman International Yu Darvish RC

Darvish Int.jpg

Vintage Baseball For Trade
1992 Bowman Jim Thome RC PSA 9
Thome RC.jpg

1994 Hot Gloves Kirby Puckett Mint
Puckett Hot Glove.jpg
1956 Topps Milt Bolling
56 Bolling.jpg
56 Bolling Back.jpg
1975 Topps Lou Brock (EX)
75 Brock.jpg

Forums Scans:
2016 Topps Chrome Jessie James Orange RC
Jessie James.jpg

2016 Topps Chrome Alvin Dupree Orange RC
Dupree RC.jpg

2016 Prizms
Cook Pink.jpg

1956 Low End Lot
56 Backs.jpg
1962 Topps Bucks Roy Sievers
Seivers bucks.jpg
1962 Topps BucksBobby Shantz (EX)
Shantz Bucks.jpg

Vinatge Basketball for trade:
1971 Topps RB Leaders (GD)
71 RB Leaders.jpg

1972 Topps Jerry Lucas (EX)
72 Lucas.jpg
1974 Topps FG Leaders (EX)
74 FG Leaders.jpg

Gone but not forgotten:
Trout Auto.jpg


Bryant Tek Auto.jpg

Brock Super.jpg

Wentz Red Crystal.jpg

Ap Red.jpg

Trout 17 Heritage.jpg

PC Scans:
PSA A Ruth Ty Mick.jpg
PSA A Ruth Ty Mick Back.jpg
PSA Mick Rose Trout Judge.jpg
PSA Mick Rose Trout Judge Back.jpg

Working on:
2013 Pinnacle Mike Trout Auto SSP
Trout Pinnacle.jpg
Other Photos:
Vintage Gloves
Mt. Eidelwies Cabin in Black Hills