Semester 2

For the week of Jan 3 to Jan
Monday: No School (vacation)
Tuesday: No School (vacation)
Wednesday: Discuss class and expectations:

Discussion on "What is Geography?"
Hand out books
Assign: None
Thursday: Using a Map and Grid System

Assign: Define Geography (in Word put in folder)
Friday: Geography PowerPoint:

Blizzard of '49:

For the week of Jan 8-12
Monday: Watch these Geography Videos
What is Geography:
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Interesting Geographical Facts:
Wednesday: Interesting US Geographical Facts:
Review 5 Themes: (Promethean)
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For the week of Jan 15 to Jan 19
Monday: No Class
Assign: Bell Ringer: 1.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Geography Video
Wednesday: Weather vs Climate
Thursday: Pre Test:
Friday: Promethean Presentation: "Geog Earth's Crust"
What is a Fault :


For the week of Jan 22 to Jan 26
Monday: 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 PPT
Assign: Take Quizzes
2.2 Quiz:
2.3 Quiz:
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Alaskan Earthquake, Philippians Valcano
(4 videos)
Absolute Location Project:

Assign: Geog Locate: Geog Locate WS.docx
Wednesday: Climate and Vegetation:


Assign: 3.2 Quiz:
Thursday: Vegetation Presentation
Friday: Bell Ringer: Pop Clock
What is Demographics?

Assign: Take Quizes:
3.2 Quiz:
3.3 Quiz:
Watch this video on Europe:

For Jan 29 to Feb 2
Monday: Make Sure these are done:
Absolute Location Project: Absolute Location Activity.pptx
Geog Locate: Geog Locate WS.docx
Tree Vegetation:

Tuesday: Review Ch 2 and 3:

Assign: Study Guide:

Wednesday: Ch 2 and 3 Test:

2 Geog World Population.pptx
Assign: Population Density Assignment:
Thursday: Types of Gov:

Assign: Types of Govt Quiz:
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For Feb 5-9
Monday: Bell Ringer: Geography Videos

Assign: Take Ch 3 Quiz:
(Open Book/Computer)
Tuesday: Explain "80 Days Project"

Assign: Trip Sheet: Around the World Trip Sheet.docx
Wednesday: Around the World Project
Distance Calculator:
Assign: "Around the World Project" Trip Sheet

Thursday: The countries of Europe:

Assign: Work on: "Around World Project"


For Feb 12-16
Monday: Finish "Around the World Project:
Economy Promethean
Supply and Demand
Tuesday: 4.4 PPT Resources Trade and Environment:
Types of Energy Promethean:
Assign: Energy Quiz:
Wednesday: Ch 4 Joepardy: 12 Geog Ch 4 Jeo.ppt
Assign: Study Guide: Geog Ch 4 Study Guide.docx
Thursday: Ch 4 Test
Assign: Read 12.1
Friday: 12.1 PPT
North Europe Locations, Discussion
Germany: Shindler Parent Letter.doc
Assign: Quiz:

For Feb 19-23
Monday: No School
Tuesday: 12.1 PPT Northern Europe
Assign: 12.1 Quizes:
Wednesday: 12.2 Discussion PPT
Assign: 12.2 Quiz:
Thursday: Holocaust PPT:

Holocaust Terms:
Friday: Beginning of WW2 (Rise of Dictatorship)
Assign: WW2 Battles:


For Feb 26-March 1
Monday: Intro WW 2:

Assign: Define Term: Define Kris.docx
Tuesday: Who was Hitler PPT:

Assign: Europe Powerpoint Project:
Geog N,W,S Europe Map.pptx
Wednesday: Bell Ringer: Holocaust Terms:
Start "Shindler"
Thursday: Bell Ringer: Discussion
Friday: Shindler
Assign: Shindler Ques Part 1.doc

For March 4-8
Monday: Shindler's List
Shindler 2 Discussion Questions:

Assign: Shindler Ques Part 1.doc
Tuesday: Shindlers Discussion
Questions: Shindler Questions 3.docx
Assign: Shindler Reaction:

Holocaust Terms:

Assign: Take Quiz:
Assign: Example: Geography.pptx
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For March 11-15
Monday: Study for Europe Capital Test:
Assign: Study Guide for Capt and Countries Test: Europe Country Capitals.docx
Tuesday: Europe Capital Test:
Ch 12 Country and Capital Test:
Wednesday: What is the Cold War:

Thursday: Use this Cold War Time Line: 1949 AH Cold War Timeline.pptx
Assign: To answer these questions:
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For the March 18-22
Monday: Create PowerPoint using Terms below:
Geog Ch 12 Europe Terms Project.docx
1. Have student pick a term (do not double-up) from list on the board
2. Have them put their name next to the term they choose.
Tuesday: Berlin Wall Video:
Wednesday: Finish up Terms PowerPoint
Thursday: Show PowerPoint in class
Friday: Finish Showing PowerPoint

For the March 25-29
Monday: Study for 12 Test: 11 Geog Ch 12 Jeo Rev.ppt
Missing Assignments:
Shindler Reactions Paper

Europe Countries Capital PowerPoint:
Geog N,W,S Europe Map.pptx
Assign: Study Guide:

Tuesday: Ch 12 Terms Test:
Watch 2 Russia Videos (on computer desktop):
Russia's Geography Problem (first)
Russia Climate. Wildlife, Resources, Industry (second)
Wednesday: Using the PowerPoints and the Book (Ch 16) answer the questions on the links below:
Assign: Read 15.1
Thursday: Russia History:

Assign: 16 Quiz Russia:
Friday: Answer these Questions: ****

For the April 10 - 14
Monday: Registration
Assign: NA
Tuesday: Russian 16.1 PPT

Assign: 15.1 Quiz:
Wednesday: Lake Baikal:
Thursday: 15.2 PPT
Assign: 15.2 Quiz:
Friday: Russia Map Project:


For the April 17 - April 21
Monday: Chernobyl:

Tuesday: Russia Culture
Wednesday: Make up (Math Contest)
Thursday: 16.1 PPT
Assign: 16.1 Quiz:
Friday: 16.2 PPT

Using your computer find one person of Russia (famous or not) that you find interesting. Write a 100 word report on what makes the person interesting and prepare to present it in class.

Example: Eddie Ainsmith
Eddie was one of the few Russians to ever play in Major League Baseball. His nickname was “Dorf” and was a catcher; He played 15 years for 5 different professional teams. They were the Washington Senators, Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals, Brooklyn Robins and New York Giants from 1910-1925. He also managed the Rockford Peaches and All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. He finished his career playing in 1078 games with 707 hits, 317 Runs Batted In and a career average or .232. Eddie was born in 1890 and passed away in 1981.

For April 24 - 28
Monday: 16.2 PPT \Assign:
Tuesday: Review Russia: Study Guide:

Assign: Review Test
Wednesday: Test over Russia:
Bell Ringer: Africa Physical Geography:

17.1 PPT N. Africa, S. Asia PPT:
Assign: 17.1 Quiz:
Thursday: African Regions
N. Africa
Middle East
Friday: Watch Video:

For May 1 - May 5
Monday: Ancient Africa:
Watch Video:
Tuesday: 17.1 PPT (Continued)
Physical Africa
Assign: 17.1 Quiz:
Wednesday: Africa Inspire
Thursday: Egypt Video
Friday: Africa Inspire

For May 8 - May 12
Monday: 17.1 PPT
Assign: 17.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Residential, Commercial and Industrial
Similation City
Wednesday: Concussion Test
Thursday: Check Grades
Similation City
Friday: Study for Semester Test (Study Guide):


For May 15-19
Monday: Semester 2 Test:
Assign: Turn in Books
Wednesday: Schools Out for Summer!