Government assignment page (1st period)

For week of Aug 21- Aug 25
Monday: NA
Tuesday: NA
Wednesday: Intro myself, class rules, expectations, requirements, goals
Thursday: Class Meetings
Gallup Polls:

Polls Stats:
Public Opinion

How people feel: Third Rock "Voting Anguish"

Friday: National Debt Clock:
Terms to know: Debt, Revenue, Medicare, Social Security, Mortgage, Excise

For week of Aug 28- Sept 1
Monday: Gov PPT:

Define Terms:

Forms of Gov Promethean
Assign: Read Ch1 Section 1 and do1.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Steps of Revolutionary War:

Answer these questions over the Revolutionary War:
Assign: 1.2 Book Quiz:
Wednesday: Beginning of the 2nd Continental Congress

Thursday: No School
Friday: No School

For week of Sept 4 - 8
Monday: Labor Day: No School
Tuesday: Plans:
Looking at the Preamble to the Constitution:

Preamble activity:

Wednesday: Why? Constitution:

Start Video: "A More Perfect Union!"
Thursday: "A More Perfect Union"
Friday: Homecoming

For week of Sept 11 - 15
Monday: 911 PPT and Promethean
Tuesday: "A More Perfect Union"
Plans PPT:

Assign: Plans:
Wednesday: Economy Promethean
1.4 PPT: Economy
Assign: 1.4 Quiz:****
Thursday: NA
Friday: NA

Week Sept. 18-22
Monday: Karl Marx:

Tuesday: Review Test 1 and 2: Gov Ch 1 Jeo.ppt
Assign: Study Guide for Ch 1 and 2 Test:

Wednesday: Ch 1 and 2 Test:
Review Constitution: Parts, Contents, Descriptions

3 Branches:

Thursday: Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights Quiz:
Friday: Bill of Rights continued:

For the Sept 25 - Sept 29
Monday: 1st Amendment:

Assign: Bill of Rights Quiz:
Tuesday: Bill of Rights

Assign: Bill of Rights Quiz:
Wednesday: Other Amendment:

Assign: Other Amendments Quiz:
Thursday: 25th Amendment (Line of Succession):

Assign: Take these Quizzes if you haven't already:
Bill of Rights Quiz:
Other Amendments Quiz:
Friday: Current Events
Assign: 3.3 Terms: ****

For the Oct 2 - 6
Monday: Presidents succeeded

Electoral College:

Tuesday: Review Test:
Principles of the Constitution
Constitution Jeopardy
Bill of Rights
Know these Amendments for the Quiz.docx

Wednesday: Ch 3 Test: ****
Thursday: Congress PPT
Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For Oct 9-13
Monday: Bill to Law Process:

Assign: Take Quiz:
Tuesday: Bell Ringer "Mr. Bill - Schoolhouse Rock"
How a Bill becomes a Law PPT:

Congress Majority/Minority

Wednesday: 7.2 Spending Bills
7.3 Who Influences Congress
Thursday: Entitlements:

SD Pork Barrell Projects:


Assign: 7.2 Worksheet:
Friday: Inservice

For Oct 16-20
Monday: Effect of lobbyist on American Congress
"60 Minutes - Opiod Problem"
Assign: Write a 100 word reaction to the episode
1.) I found the episode to be ".............."
2.) Tell us why?
3.) What surprised you?
4.) In conclusion!
Tuesday: Commitee Paper

Assign: Make sure the 60 Minute Reaction is completed!
Wednesday: Review Ch 7 Test:

Assign: Study for Test
Thursday: No Class (Special Olympics)
Friday: Ch 7 Test:

For Oct 23-27
Monday: Bell Ringer "Presidential Morph Video
Role changes of the President and Vice President:

Tuesday: Bell Ringer Quiz 8.1 WS (Can use books, chapter 8 section 1):
Watch the two videos on my desktop (upper right) about:
"Top 10 Worst American Presidents"
"Top 10 Presidents in the US"
Wednesday: Presidential "Top 10" surveys "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:

Thursday: Electing the President:

Assign 8.3 WS:
Friday: No School

For Nov 30- Dec 3

Monday: Presidency:

Electoral College:

Tuesday: Presidents Cabinet:

Assign: Cabinet Quiz:

Wednesday: Cabinet continues:


Thursday: EOP:

Presidential Duties and Bennies:


Friday: Understanding Watergate PPT:

For Nov 6-12
Monday: Understanding Watergate:

Tuesday: Watergate continued:

Assign: Chapter 8 Section 4 Worksheet:
Wednesday: Video
Thursday: National Election Day:

Review Ch 8 Test:

Assign: Study Guide for Ch 8 Test:

Friday: Ch 8 Test:
Veterans Day:

For November 13-17
Monday: "All President's Men"
Tuesday: "APM"
Wednesday: "APM"
Assign: Questions on video:

Thursday: Finish "All the Presidents Men"
Friday: Weekly News Quiz:

For Nov 20-24
Monday: Judicial System:

Assign: Federal Courts Quiz (Court Terms):
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: 11.1 Quiz:
Civil Law:
Thanksgiving PPT:

Wednesday: Inservice
Thursday: Thanksgiving:
Eats lots of Turkey and take a Nap!
Friday: No School:
Assign: Black Friday??

For Nov 27- 31
1. How did Nixon view Frost?
2. How did Frost view Nixon?
3. What is Nixon's goal?
4. What is Frost's goal?
Assign: Answer Questions above (Word)
Tuesday:Famous Court Cases Presentations:

Supreme Court Justices:

Assign: Court Cases Quiz:

Wednesday: Bell Ringer: Rodney King Case, Live Video, Interview, Results
Take Quizzes:11.1 WS:
11.1 Quiz:
Frost Nixon Questions:

Thursday: Judicial System Terminology

Friday: First/Nixon Finish

For Dec 4-8
Monday: Rodney King Case
King Videos
Assign: Federal Courts Quiz:
Tuesday: 11.2 and 11.3
Assign: 11.1 Quiz:
Wednesday: Bell Ringer 11.3 Quiz:
Review 11 Test:
Assign: Study Guide:

Thursday: Ch 11 Test:
"12 Angry Men"
Friday: Inservice

For Dec 11 - 15
Monday: Bell Ringer (make sure they are done):
Famous Court Cases Quiz (use Powerpoint from week of Nov 27 - Dec 1):
Federal Court (Court Terms):
11.1 WS:
11.3 Quiz (use book):
12 Angry Men
Assign: Complete Quizzes
Tuesday: "12 Angry Men"
Assign: Ch 23 Looking at SD State Constitution:
Answer these Questions using the South Dakota Constitution site above:
Wednesday: Bell Ringer:
State of SD PPT:

Slide Share:
Thursday: Famous South Dakota Politicians:

Friday: In Class Review for Sem Test (ask questions so you get better grade!)
Assign: Review Sem Test: Sem Test Study Guide **10 Gov Sem Test Rev.docx**


For Dec 17 - 21
Monday: Review Semester Test
Assign: **10 Gov Sem Test Rev.docx**
Tuesday: Take Sem Test:
  • Must be present for the entire period (1 hour 30 minutes)
Thursday: Christmas Vacation
Friday: Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation