Week of Jan 4 - 8
Monday: No School (vacation)
Tuesday: Late Start (no class)
Wednesday: Intro myself, class rules, expectations, requirements, goals

Assign: Take 1.1 Quiz:
Thursday: Bell Ringer Gov Video:
*Discussion on Video Clip
Assign: Define Terms:

Friday: Gov PPT:

For Jan 9 - 13
Monday: Steps of Revolutionary War: PowerPoint Colonies 10 Gov Led to Revolution.pptx
Assign: Answer these questions over the Revolutionary War: ****
Tuesday: No School (weather)
Assign: NA
Wednesday: No School (weather)
Assign: NA
Thursday: Open: Branches: ****
3 Branches:

Assign: 1.1 Quiz:
Friday: 3 Branches Continued
Assign: Make sure this is done and in your folder over the Revolutionary War:

For the Jan 18 - 22
Monday: Bell Ringer: Beginning of the 2nd Continental Congress

Start Video: "A More Perfect Union"
Assign: Const Conv (2.4) Quiz:
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Promethean "Gov 1.2 Forms of Gov"
"A More Perfect Union" continued
Wednesday: Bell Ringer: 1.3 PPT
Finish " A More Perfect Union"
Assign: Types of Gov Quiz: 1.3 Quiz:
Thursday: Bell Ringer: Constitutional Basics

Friday: Current Events

For the Jan 26 - 30
Monday: Constitution and Bill of Rights:

Assign: 2.4 Quiz (if you haven't already):
Tuesday: Discuss Marxism:

Wednesday: Ch 1 and 2 Review:

Assign: 1 and 2 Study Guide:

Thursday: Ch 1-2 Test:
Friday: Bill of Rights Cont.

Assign: Bill of Right Quiz:

For the Jan 30 - Feb 3
Monday: Revisit the 1st:

Other Amendments:

Tuesday: Bill of Rights PowerPoint:

Assign: Bill of Right Quiz:
Wednesday: Amendments 11-17 Promethean
Assign: Other Amendments WS
Thursday: Legislative Branch:

Friday: Weekly News Quiz:

For Feb 6 - Feb 10
Monday: Seniors to Pierre
Tuesday: Discussion Pierre
Wednesday: Bell Ringer:
Bell Ringer (Open Book) Ch 3 Test (Const.)
Thursday: How a Bill becomes a law:

Assign: Gov 5.1 Quiz:
Friday: Schoolhouse Rock: I'm Just a Bill

Seniors who did not attend legislation must take this quiz (for 60 points):

For Feb 13-17
Monday: Congress Majority vs. Minority

Congress Majority Powerpoint (old) Congress.pptx
Tuesday: Testing
Assign: NA
Wednesday: Famous SD Congress people:


Assign: Gov 5.2 Terms Quiz:
Friday: 7.2 PPT Tax Bills

For Feb 21-25
Monday: No School (Presidents Day)
Tuesday: FFA Week Activities
Assign: Make sure these Government Quizzes are done:
5.1 Quiz:
5.2 Terms Quiz:
5.3 and 4 WS:
5.5 Quiz:
Assign: Read 7.1
Wednesday: Who Affects Congress (Open Micro PPT):
"Pork Barrell"

7.2 PPT Tax Bills

Thursday: Committee Project:

Bell Ringer: 7.2 Quiz:
Friday:** Understanding Lobbyists, PACs and Special Interest Groups)
Assign: 7.3 and 7.4 Quiz:
Review for Ch 5 Test:

Study Guide **11 Gov Ch 5 Rev.docx**

For Feb 27 - Feb 31
Monday: Ch 5 Test:
Tuesday: Study Guide for Ch 7 Test:

Assign: Study Test
Wednesday: Take Ch 7 Test:
Executive Branch (what makes it up)

Assign: 8.1 Quiz:
Thursday: The Presidency:

Assign: 8.1 Quiz:
Friday: Electoral College:

Iowa Caucus: What is a caucus?

For March 6th - 10th
Monday: 8.1 PPT
Assign: 8.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Exec. Branch
Pres Morph Video
Wednesday: Quiz List (Check Grades make sure they are completed):
5.1 Quiz:
5.2 Terms Quiz:
5.3 and 4 WS:
7.2 Quiz:
7.3 and 7.4 Quiz:
8.1 Quiz:
Thursday: 8.2 PPT Exec Branch amd Cabinet
Friday: Inservice

For March 13th - 17th
Monday: Pres Cabinet Cont.

Assign: Presidential Cabinet Worksheet - Answer the question pertaining to the specific duties to each cabinet position (you can use your book or internet):
Tuesday: Pres Cabinet continued other Cab level positions.

Wednesday: Cabinet Continued
Assign: 8.4 Quiz:
Thursday: "Hail to the Chief"

Presidential Conspiracies PPT:

Assign: Cabinet Quiz:
Friday: "White House - Book of Secrets?"
Assign: 8.4 Quiz:

For March 18th - 22nd
Monday: Gov Days
Tuesday: Who are: Ben Bradley, Leslie Stahl. Bob Woodward, Leonard Bernstein:

All the Presidents Men"
Wednesday: Understanding Richard Nixon:
Nixon to Watergate:

What was Watergate PPT:

Thursday: "All the Presidents Men"
Discussion: Getting the facts, reliable sources, confirmation!
Friday: Finish "All the Presidents Men"
Discussion: Political/Social Results of Watergate
Assign: Reaction Paper: 100 words
1. Does Government have the right to monitor?
2. "Yes" or "No"
3. Why??

For March 25th - 29
Monday: Study for Ch 8 Test on Tuesday:

Assign: Reaction Paper: 100 words
1. Does Government have the right to monitor?
2. "Yes" or "No"
3. Why??
Tuesday: Take Ch 8 Test:
Start Frost/Nixon
Wednesday: JFK Conspiracies PPT:

Thursday: Finish: Frost/Nixon
Friday: Take Quizes:
8.2 Quiz (use book):
8.4 Quiz:
Finish: Frost/Nixon

For April 10 - 14
Monday: Reagan Assassination Attempt: Brady

Tuesday: Judicial Branch
Courts PPT
Wednesday: Bell Ringer: Comparing Presidents (Trump/Reagan?)

Thursday: Inservice
Friday: No School - Good Friday

For April 17 - 21
Monday: No School - Easter Monday
Tuesday: 11.1 PPT
11.1 WS:
Assign: 11.1 Quiz:
Wednesday: Make up Day (Math Contest)
Thursday: Those not done Do: Bugging Paper
11.1 (Continued)
Assign:11.1 Quiz:
Friday: 11.2 PPT
Assign:11.2 Quiz:

For April 24-28
Monday: Judicial System Terminology

Assign: Judicial Terms (use PPT):
Tuesday: Famous Court Cases:
Famous Cases:
Assign: Famous Court Cases Quiz:
Wednesday: 11.3 PPT
Assign: 11.3 quiz:
Thursday: Bell Ringer: Supreme Court and their Justices:

Chapter 11 Review (Judicial System):

Assign: Study for Ch 11 Test
Friday: Ch 11 Test:

For May 2 - 6
Monday: Check Campus, Do all missing assignments that are blank!

Assign: Get Missing work Done!
Tuesday: Ch 19.2 PPT: Regulating Print and Broadcast Media

"12 Angry Men"
Wednesday: "12 Angry Men"
Thursday: Check Campus for missing assignments
Assign: Finish all assignments
Friday: Sem Test Study Guide:

Assign: Turn in Books (put them at back of room)


For May 18 - 22
Monday: Sem 2 Test:
Tuesday: Check missing grades

Seniors to Pierre
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2016 Senior Pierre.jpg