World History‍ Assignment Page (4th period)

For week of Aug 21-25
Monday: NA
Tuesday: NA
Wednesday: Intro myself, class rules, expectations, requirements, goals
Class Meetings
Assign: Read CH 1.1
Thursday: Bell Ringer: This Day in History
4 Grades today (5 points each):
1. Log on (show me)
2. Go to Wiki and mark as favorite (show me):
3. Save in your folder in "World Hist Geog" folder on "employees " Drive.
(Answer this question: Name one famous person in History and tell why they are famous?)
4. Send me and email at answering the question below:
(Who is your favorite Entertainer: singer/musician, actress/actor, athlete, reporter, ect)
My email:
Friday: Earth's Age: 4.5 Billion
Debt Clocks: 18 Trillion:
What is a billion?

My Best Current Event: (Shawn Waples);

Assign: (Old and New Countries)

For Aug 28 - Sept 1
Monday: Hand out books
Google Earth:

Pre-History Video
Pre-History WS: Movie Prehis life.doc
Assign: Read 1.1 (Quiz over reading right away Monday)
Finish Pre-History Video
Wednesday: Bell Ringer: Famous vs Infamous
Assign: Open Book (can use books)1.1
Thursday: No School
Friday: No School

For Week Sept 4 - Sept 8
Monday: Labor Day No School
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Infamous vs. Famous Activity:
Secular vs Vernacular:

Assign: Open Book (can use books) 1.1
Wednesday: 1.1 Book PPT
Thursday: Bell Ringer - Gutenberg Bible Promethean
Northern Renaissance (acculturation)
Assign: 1.2 Quiz:
Friday: Homecoming

For Sept 11 - 15
Monday: 911 Presentations
Assign: N/A
Tuesday: 1.2 PPT
Assign: 1.2 Quiz:
Wednesday: Bell Ringer Activity (put in you World History folder)
1.3 Bell Ringer.docx
Powerpoint on Protestant Reformation Protestant Reformation.pptx
Assign: Section 3 WS:
Thursday: NA
Friday: NA

Week Sept. 18 - 22
Monday: Section 1: Renaissance:

Section 2: Northern Renaissance:

Section 3: Counter Reformation:
Protestant Reformation.pptx
Section 4:

Assign: Chapter 1 Jeo Review:

Assign: Review for Chapter 1 Study Guide: WH Ch 1 Rev.docx
Tuesday: Ch 1 Test:
Renassaince Begins:
Wednesday: "America is not the Greatest"
"Did You Know"
Exploration Discussion
Thursday: Bell Ringer: Define - Circumnavigate and Caravel
Power point over 2.1 PPT
Assign: 2.1 Quiz:

Friday: Explorers PPT

Week Sept 25 - 29
Monday: Bell Ringer: 7 Wonders Promethean Presentation:
Conquer and Colonies (Meso-America)
Explorers PPT:

Assign: 2.1 Quiz:
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Conquistadors:
2.2 PPT
Wednesday: Columbian Exchange:

Thursday: Read 2.3 and do quiz below.
Friday: Watch Video on the Columbian Exchange:

Assign: work on Presentation

For Oct 1-5
Monday: "Farms Wars/ Store Wars Video:
In Class: Write 100 word paper on the video:
1. What was it about.
2. How deos it relate to the Colombian Exchange

Tuesday: 2.3 PPT "Columbian Exchange"
2.4 Slave Trade Middle Passage

Wednesday: Finish Triangular Trade

Thursday: Work on Exchange Project
Friday: Columbian Exchange Assigment Due

For Oct 9 - 13
Monday: Video on colonization
Tuesday: Study for Ch 2 Test
Jeopardy Review: Ch 2 Jeo Rev.ppt
Assign: Study Guide 08 WH Ch 2 Rev.docx
Wednesday: Take Ch 2 Test:
Thursday: Mughal Dynasty
Friday: Inservice
Assign: NA

For Oct 16-20
Monday: Bell Ringer
Understanding Hinduism/Buddhism Document: Budddhism, Hinduism.docx
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Match Empire with country:
3.1 Mughal Dynasty

Wednesday: Mughal Continued: Mughal Empire
Thursday: Ottoman and Safavid Empires
Assign: 3.1 WS
Friday: Bell Ringer: Mughal Worksheet:

For Oct 24 - 28
Monday: Early Ming Dynasty PPT (Hongwo/Yonglo)
Assign: 3.3 WS
Tuesday: Watch the video over the "Ming Empire" (lower right)
Do 3.4 Worksheet over Japan and Korea (can use books):
Wednesday: PPT Japan/Korea: Worksheet 10 WH 3.4 PPT WS.docx
Assign: Quiz
3.4 Quiz:
Thursday: Japan Korea Cont
Assign: Parent Teachers Conference
Friday: No School

For Oct 31 - Nov 4
Monday: Japan/Korea


Thursday: Finish up Ch 3

For Nov 6-10
Monday: Review in class for Ch 3 Jeopardy Review 10 WH Ch 3 Rev.ppt
Assign: Study for test Study Guide 10 WH Ch 3 Rev.docx
Tuesday: Ch 3 Test:
Who is the Dalia Lama?

Wednesday: *Absolutism:
Assign: Read Chapter 4 Section 1:
Thursday: Understanding the Theories of state:

Assign: Worksheet (answer these questions using the PowerPoint above):
Friday: Bell Ringer Quiz (from reading assignment):
Veteran's Program

For Nov 13-17
Monday: Spain:

Tuesday: 4.1 PPT
Wednesday: France:

Thursday: Magna Carta:
England: Monarch for England Video (The Tudors):
Monarch of England Quiz with PPT:

Friday: Weekly News Quiz

For Nov 21-25
Monday: Finish English Monarchs 4.3 PPT
Assign: 4.3 Quiz:
Tuesday: Bell Ringer: Who is Peter the Great:
Absolute Monarchs of Russia:
History of Thanksgiving

Assign: Russian Monarchs Quiz (answer these Questions using the PowerPoint above):
Wednesday: Inservice
Thursday: Thanksgiving: Eats lots of Turkey and take a Nap!
Friday: No School
Assign: Black Friday

For Nov 28 to Dec 1
Monday: Absolute Monarchs of Russia:

Assign: Russian Monarchs Quiz (answer these Questions using the PowerPoint above):
Tuesday: Ch 4 Review: Jeo PPT:

Assign: Study for 4 Test: Study Guide:

Wednesday: Ch 4 Test
Assign: Russian Monarchs Quiz (answer these Questions using the PowerPoint on Monday):
Read 5.1
Thursday: Bell Ringer:

Friday: Check Grades

For Dec 4 - 8
Monday: Class Dismissed (weather)
Tuesday: Bell Ringer Scientific Revolution:

5.1 PPT:
Assign: Ch 5.1 Sci Rev Quiz:
Wednesday: Bell Ringer: Scientific Method:

Assign: 5.1 WS:

Thursday: 5.2 PPT
Assign: Ch 5 Section 1 and 2:
Friday: Inservice


For Dec 11 -15
Monday: Bell Ringer: Take Quiz (if not done):
5.1 Sci Rev:
5.1 WS:
Ch 5.1 and 2:
5.3 PPT
Assign: 5.3 Quiz:
Tuesday: 5.4 PPT
Wednesday: Review for Test:

Assign: Ch 5 Study Guide:

Thursday: Ch 5 Test (Open Book):

1. Do you agree with the Video
2. Why or why not??
Friday: Study Guide Sem Test:

Check Grades, Make-Up Work

For Dec 18 -22
Monday: Sem 1 Test: :
Must stay for the full period

*Top 10 Richest - Ever Video

"Planet Earth" (located on upper right on desktop of the computer)
Tuesday: Vacation
Wednesday: Vacation
Thursday: Vacation

Christmas Vacation